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A Movement

Folks I realized something today.

Honesty is rare.

Making people genuinely smile is rare.

So here is my dare to all of you:









(Remember how powerful this machine in front of you is)

trying to find a job as a marine veteran

holy shit I am writing a resume right now.

How the fuck does one write a resume when the experience is hey I was taught

to kill a man if the situation presents itself hahaha 🙂

I know you probably think I am a mad man.

But imagine going from being overseas helping beautiful and intelligent children.

Changing a country being there for the people and then WAM

a couple years later you are in America full time expected to just transition to “Normal Society”

That shit is pretty stressful.

There is no ticker tape parade or any of that stuff but do not think I am bitter.

For goodness sakes I am enrolled in an Ivy League school.

A little skinny schmuck from Queens barely passing school, joined the Marine Corps Infantry,

did a couple tours (Gosh I wish they were like rock star tours lol), and

WAM back into an institution!

But I digress I will just play Zombie for a bit and make some money.

Let us see if I succumb to my American programming and give up on my dreams.


Enjoy your day

Good Tidings



damn music never felt so good to me

It seriously soothes some inner pain and it is funny I share with you all

even though in real life I would never talk to any of you.

Now let me clarify I would speak to you (because most of ye bastards are cool) but I find that

I no longer want to spend time putting myself out there anymore.

Besides the fluff talk (And you know I feel not much for that).

All I guess I mean is that sometimes I find more meaning in the meaningless or just the

waves of synthesized music that speaks to something I cannot possibly be aware of in this moment.

Well I need to smoke

See you soon or never

But we have something now

she flew away

I am really good at one thing.

And no its not just masturbating either. But shit I got that on lock 😉 hahaha ewwww lol.

But seriously I am awesome at pushing people away.


I have become almost numb to it that when I push people away I almost expect it.

Except today I pushed a woman away that I really liked.

I do not feel emotional pain but on the flip-side I guess I do.

Men are not supposed to break.

I am broken

She flew away

and so have others

This is why every year I move closer and closer to being non attached to anyone.

But do not let my mood affect you just try not to push people you care about away.

Just push the weirdos away :p

hotel sex

so I never had hotel sex.

Ahem, it was spectacular.

There is something about doing things “your not supposed to do”

that seems to be the best sex ever (thus far I ain’t dead yet).

It was a beautiful hotel in the state, the Chinese restaurant across the street was bangin’ (very above average),

and I got to walk an old rail road line.


Oh and if your wondering why I remain anonymous and faceless its because I like it that way.

Trust me when I actually put 80% effort in this thing we humans call life,

I will have a bad ass logo for Cereal Box Blues


*If someone wants to make a cool one and give it to me I can promise no money (I am broke hahaha seriously) but I

can def write a beautiful post about you*


Lesson: Hotel sex is a go (Make sure it is a good hotel with a person you enjoy spending time with)

oh shits brain on the fritz my man

My brain waves are kinda messed up. So how about you read something my teenage cousin wrote.

This life is yours. Make it your own.

Death rate is 100% in the world and nobody gets a second chance. By this, I mean stop wimping out on life. Get out there and do something crazy for yourself. Life is going to take you on a roller coaster so put your hands up and enjoy the ride, because face it, no matter how hard you hold on and try to turn, the tracks sure ain’t moving anytime soon.

This life is something so beautiful that only occurs once so don’t live with a bunch of ‘what ifs’ or regrets. Learn from every mistake so that nothing is a regret, it sure didn’t happen by accident. No one gets a second chance and with that said, we need to make sure we do everything necessary to make the most of this life.

I am sick of watching not only others, but myself also get pulled into the trap of what other people think. They don’t matter. In the words of Dr. Seuss, “Those who mind, don’t matter; those who matter, don’t mind.” In the US and around the world we have this mentality that other people won’t like us if we don’t look a certain way, talk a certain way, or hang out with certain people. I am here to tell you that people who are non-mainstream are some of the greatest people I have met. We can all learn from them.

This life is yours, be who you want, not who society wants, they want clones of the same person anyway, not a deviant who might challenge their logic with morality. Society says that we all should be a size 0, or super muscular with acne free skin and perfect features. Then again, society doesn’t really have a face of its own either, it’s just a collective group of imperfect people like you and I.

This life is so precious, and in the words of Switchfoot, “Are you who you want to be? Or are you some puppet on a string controlled by corporate input and money.” I can guarantee you, that the person that you and God want you to be is so much better than a puppet on a string who dances at the will of others. Be brave, be smart, be choosy, and listen to yourself.
And I thought teenagers were just depressed zombies.

forget hinges stay on the fringes is what Dr. Seuss would say

there are a couple things that get to me in this city (NY)

1. People who think they are old.

2. People who love fluff talk (I.E- School, work or anything that aggravates the senses)

3. People who do not dream anymore.

It irks me to think that people my age and slightly above consider themselves old. Shit if you do not think for one second that Old John Wrinkle Dick wouldn’t trade places with you so he can get his fuck on you are an intense dumbass. 🙂 I mean why do we fear aging and not embrace it in American culture?

We are meant to grow old and beautiful.

But shit why talk about deeper issues when somebody always wants to touch on the superficial shit in life.

Have you ever found yourself listening to someone and zoning the fuck out because the conversation is always about the same dumb shit.

You know you do not give a fuck what I plan to do with a college degree.

So please just ask me if I enjoy light bondage or some shit LMAO

Lastly something that depresses me to the utmost is people who forget to dream.

People here get wrapped up in school, work, their business, kids, who the fuck knows.

They become their professions, their responsibilities and all that fun shit.

But if they only knew that dreams can never be tarnished by others they would smile more.

We all wear masks but when we dream the masks we wear are truly different sides of us

as we walk through the door with no hinges to

sit atop the wall of the fringes.


Vamp Life

Go on Youtube look up this shit: Ryeland “Come Now”

Before you do that make sure your slightly altered (If you were just born on another level don’t worry the music is trippy).

Listen to it and try not to dance like a beautiful maniac.

I dare you 🙂


By the way the Vamp Life is something I just stumbled on to which I will explain someday.

Stay tuned folks my downward spiral has just begun.