Here are some Movies you Should Watch!

“High and Low” Akira Kurosawa

“Vertigo” Alfred Hitchcock

“Bicycle Thieves” Vittorio De Sica

“A Moment of Innocence”Mohsen Makhmalbaf


Doritos Tacos Wow!

So I had those doritos tacos and let me tell you this:

They rock!

It was not what I was expecting. For I thought it would be encased in a shell that harkens to the delicious crunchiness of doritos chips.

But it was a taco shell with the flavoring of a doritos chip.

It was delicious. And when you decide not to cook grab a couple.


Lesson: You can never go wrong with Doritos.

Inside the mind of a Veteran or Post War Blues

This post is kinda serious. I thought that since we have so many veterans coming back from multiple wars I would give you a glimpse in the mind.

I talked to my friend a former Marine who I respect. Here is what he said:

“I used to be important. I was responsible for the welfare of people who depended on a force for protection.

Politics and public opinion mattered not. I just know when I saw a leveled town and a kid with a huge scar from an explosion or people just blowing up it was more than I could ever imagine was possible for humans to do.

Having been to war I can say it is something horrible and something beautiful. When I came back they gave me a GI Bill to go to school. I thought is this the ticker tape homecoming for me? Of course that to is bullshit.

War is war and I went for the sake of finding out what it meant.

Well now being a bit older than the college kids I do not know how to really make friends but I do know that life is good.

The war is where the true heroes die and the rest of us come back to life in America.

Don’t tell me thanks. Please don’t tell me thanks. 

Just share ideas with me and do not look at me as a veteran.

It was a stepping stone to new thought.

Post war blues don’t get to me I won’t let it because I was a Marine and a good man”


Powerful stuff


Lesson: Let no one thing define who you are.

Men Only: Confidence, Charisma and all that Cha Cha Cha

Okay this confidence article is for the men because

A) Women get way more validation because face it they rule and will always be in demand

B) Guys are getting shit on hardcore nowadays for some odd reason (relative joke)

C) We are a gender in an identity crisis


America told us to be the breadwinners, get a job and then get married.

Now that we are post-recession that American dream has left us (But folks it was a mirage anyways)

But this article is about confidence for men.

Confidence for a man has nothing to do with your socioeconomic status, your education, your amount of lovers or any other bullshit that commercials make you feel you need.


Confidence is based on knowing that you are calm under any circumstance. It is knowing that if shit goes down you are the man people look to. Now it should never be that extreme but as a man carrying yourself in that matter makes you uber special.


It is easy to be confident when everything is going great but when you are tested like a public school student true confidence will always emerge victorious.


I can tell you to join clubs, volunteer organizations, get sent overseas to fight a war or all of that good stuff but

truly confidence is always within.


Hold your head up high.


People only perceive you as you present yourself.


Lesson: Walk like a prince, talk like a prince and by golly you are a prince!

Deep Conversation or How To Charm Like Titans

There is something great communicators have that us common folks can learn.

It is simply to draw people in with deep conversations.

It is a stark difference from what we think is a conversation: For example

Sheldon: Oh hey

You: Hi

Sheldon: How’s school going?

You: (In your head contemplating how to execute your existence)

That is a mundane conversation and is so boring.

Who will even remember you for something like that.

And to think most conversations are just like that.

Which is very good because when you do bring deep conversation to the table you will dare I say

become the most interesting man (or woman) in the world.

Here is a list of ways to summon a deep conversation from within:

1. Make sure it is a topic that really has no definite answer. Like speaking about the cosmos.

2. Offer something enlightining but say it in a way that does not make you seem like a know it all. For instance offer a bit of history up for verbal dissection with your hungry friends.

3. Stray away from hot button issues, work related stuff, school related stuff or anything that you know you would fall asleep listening to yourself.

When you take the time to delve into a new world with someone an interesting thing happens.



Lesson: Stop talking about stupid shit and really get to another level.

Another Lady: Pauline or How to stop giving certain women validation or How to fold

So I meet this lady in a corner deli shop.

Who can resist a bacon, egg and cheese? Not this man.

I digress.

I was a bit hungover from the day before and continued to purchase about 10 gatorades.

I saw her in a beautiful floral dress of which I immediately commented on.

She turned around we exchanged words.

She was into me or so I thought.

Later that week we hang out and at the end of the day we kiss and part ways.

Now after all this I expect to hang out with her again.

Well after about the 3rd time (not in succession) of trying to set up a meeting she ignores me.

Here is the problem: I play no games and I say what I mean

But it so happens that as texting pervaded my generation so did the texting games.

What are texting games?

-Waiting hours to text back to pretend your busy

-Over-thinking text messaging to where it becomes a task


Now I be no fool so I ignored her for a while. And out of the blue she texts me.

She must be interested right? wrong. She ended up being colder than ever.


Here are my mistakes:

1. Not cutting the bullshit out as soon as I knew it was bullshit.

2. Taking part in meaningless texting banter

3. And validating this lady by giving her my attention that she would never truly understand.


This isn’t me being bitter this is me letting you know that if a woman is interested in you she will play the right games. I tend to love challenges and thats great but when you become your own enemy…


It is time to fold!


Lesson: Know when to end a chase. My cat knows this.





Another Lady: Jodi and Caribbean Dreams or how to enjoy awkward silences

So my vision: Die in the Caribbean surrounded by the most beautiful women in the world.

Until then I have Another Lady story.

This one is about a bright-eyed lady with a contagious laugh.

She was well dressed and met me on what was a super rainy day.

I noticed though that awkward silences left her a bit uneasy.

Awkward silences tend to scare people when conversing with someone they want to get with.

I used to make the mistake of talking and talking and talking not letting the silence do the talking.

There is a musical piece called 4’33’ (4 minutes and 33 seconds) composed by John Cage.

Now the song is left to chance with no distinct notes are pitches. It really is just 4 minutes and 33 seconds of whatever sounds are around the player.


The genius of the piece is that it is a time for the audience to contemplate and look inwards for powerful music.

John Cage was a man who knew what the power of silence meant.

Here is why you should embrace awkward silences:

1. It will give you time to come up with some interesting conversation.

2. You can stare at the object of your desire and let them melt.

3. For goodness sakes give that mouth a rest you may need it later. Ooo


Lesson: Embrace silence all the while gathering your next verbal thought.


Embrace difference

You ever felt alone?

Alone in a sense where no one really can comprehend the ideas you possess.

Where even the oddballs think of you as weird.

It can be very difficult moving away from the sea of commoners.

We work a whole life in America just to be able to retire.

But this is clearly not something readily available to us.

This is truly a fast paced nation and those who cannot embrace technology wither away in


There is really no aim in this post but to make you question certain things.

It is easy to tell people what to do but when you can feel as they do then you are truly empathetic.

I do not know if social networking brings us closer but today I will have a conversation about the cosmos.

How about you?



How to talk to a woman or How to open any conversation

Now this is something I want to get out there quick and its this:

Do not go into opening a conversation with a woman.

Think of it as opening a conversation with a person.

I as well as others tend to make that simple mistake of speaking to a woman as though

they are so distinctly different than us. (And yes we are all aware of biological differences)

But what I simply mean is to look at the situation as though the woman you find interesting is just like you.

She may not be able to quote Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang but nonetheless she is just like you.

The problem is that when you look at the situation as though she is a woman you do her and yourself an injustice.

You do weird things just like I do weird things when you look at it this way.

For example- Changing your voice dramatically sounding like cookie monster with an elmo face, behaving so out of the ordinary that you come across as phony, or being way to invested in her reactions in what should be a simple interaction.

Do not be her jester. No woman wants to be with a clown (Unless of course she has a clown fetish)

So how do you open a conversation, well there are two parts:

(1) Saying hello with accompaniment of a smile is so warming that any Ice Queen should melt. Now a good majority of the time she will pretend you do not exist but do it and go on with your life.

(2)Now comment on something of which she possesses upon her but nothing which brings attention to her physical features. Why you say? (A) it can come off as creepy (B) Now she might think you just want ass (which you do but….) Now you get extra points by knowing something about what she has I mean seriously you can google anything and learn about it some what. It shows that you are cultured.

It is simple it is so simple we fail to do it. It is only because of self-doubt. But remember you really honestly do not know where this woman’s mind is at when you approach her.

It isn’t your fault if she does not reciprocate either.

It all boils down to sincerity and a general interest in others. It won’t be about talking to a woman but

exchanging ideas with an equal. This way no matter what it is a win-win situation for you.


Lesson: Every situation is different when opening a conversation but nobody can resist a warm smile and a hello. From this point everything will flow with some practice. Understood?

Making friends in NYC is hardwork or how I learned to accept rejection

Now I was born in NYC but always felt like an outsider. Now before

you think I should have a stringed orchestra playing for me let me get to my point

and it is this:

When trying to make friends please expect rejection. There are exceptions:

It is easy if you are good looking (Because we associate good looking people with other great qualities)

It is easy if you are a high income earner (Because who doesn’t want be around a successful person)

But in those cases you can be getting friends for all the wrong reasons.

I realize though that embracing constant rejection is pivotal in this process.

If you are deterred because some people cannot dig your weirdness it is okay.

What’s not okay is shutting off from a world that you believe is conspiring against you.

Try This: Talk to people you would not normally speak to or just speak to people just to pick their brains.

Be wary though because you will receive any one of these common responses:

-One word answers (Just end the conversation)

-Complainers (End it gently)

-Reciprocators (Exchange info)

Lesson: If you do not put yourself out there how do you expect the world to succumb to your innate charm?