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Another Lady: Drench myself in some Reina or How to understand a woman you can’t understand.

Here is the story:

A colorful haired girl says hi to me. Now as a man it is something of a gift to be approached. Her smile

was bright and her look was killer. But here is the But…

She ended up being a an enigma and further more so into physical poetry.

I believed she was way into me but here is where I went wrong.

No woman wants to be owned. A matter of fact no person wants to be owned.

When you believe that you have someone fully is where you go wrong in any relationship.

As cliche as it sounds if you care for something you can let it go.

I saw her today and I can honestly say I let go.

She will be back in 3 months.

Reina take care.

Lesson: You own nothing but your thoughts.


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