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The Art of Texting or How to text a Woman the right way!

What could it be about texting that is just so darn frustrating?Maybe the lack of true emotions or just the fact that it does no one justice.I have lost many women and friends do to the absurdities of this texting fiend and not understanding how to do it right.

here are some tips to text a woman right:


1. Do not text for the sheer purpose of texting. For instance saying How are you? is just plain boring and something she may frequently get.

2.Do not be afraid to be bold and text something different. Playing it safe sometimes is just plain boring.

3.Keep the texting to a minimal. This can be hard when you feel as though you must keep it going. But texting is not Newtonian Physics. 

4.Do not make everything you write witty because somehow they will feel as though you are just seeking their approval.

5.Put your phone away and live your life. Seriously this will ensure that women will text back. It is as though they know you are becoming a better person.


Lesson: Text the way you wish but be oh so mindful of the consequences or rewards.



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