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How to talk to a woman or How to open any conversation

Now this is something I want to get out there quick and its this:

Do not go into opening a conversation with a woman.

Think of it as opening a conversation with a person.

I as well as others tend to make that simple mistake of speaking to a woman as though

they are so distinctly different than us. (And yes we are all aware of biological differences)

But what I simply mean is to look at the situation as though the woman you find interesting is just like you.

She may not be able to quote Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang but nonetheless she is just like you.

The problem is that when you look at the situation as though she is a woman you do her and yourself an injustice.

You do weird things just like I do weird things when you look at it this way.

For example- Changing your voice dramatically sounding like cookie monster with an elmo face, behaving so out of the ordinary that you come across as phony, or being way to invested in her reactions in what should be a simple interaction.

Do not be her jester. No woman wants to be with a clown (Unless of course she has a clown fetish)

So how do you open a conversation, well there are two parts:

(1) Saying hello with accompaniment of a smile is so warming that any Ice Queen should melt. Now a good majority of the time she will pretend you do not exist but do it and go on with your life.

(2)Now comment on something of which she possesses upon her but nothing which brings attention to her physical features. Why you say? (A) it can come off as creepy (B) Now she might think you just want ass (which you do but….) Now you get extra points by knowing something about what she has I mean seriously you can google anything and learn about it some what. It shows that you are cultured.

It is simple it is so simple we fail to do it. It is only because of self-doubt. But remember you really honestly do not know where this woman’s mind is at when you approach her.

It isn’t your fault if she does not reciprocate either.

It all boils down to sincerity and a general interest in others. It won’t be about talking to a woman but

exchanging ideas with an equal. This way no matter what it is a win-win situation for you.


Lesson: Every situation is different when opening a conversation but nobody can resist a warm smile and a hello. From this point everything will flow with some practice. Understood?


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