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Making friends in NYC is hardwork or how I learned to accept rejection

Now I was born in NYC but always felt like an outsider. Now before

you think I should have a stringed orchestra playing for me let me get to my point

and it is this:

When trying to make friends please expect rejection. There are exceptions:

It is easy if you are good looking (Because we associate good looking people with other great qualities)

It is easy if you are a high income earner (Because who doesn’t want be around a successful person)

But in those cases you can be getting friends for all the wrong reasons.

I realize though that embracing constant rejection is pivotal in this process.

If you are deterred because some people cannot dig your weirdness it is okay.

What’s not okay is shutting off from a world that you believe is conspiring against you.

Try This: Talk to people you would not normally speak to or just speak to people just to pick their brains.

Be wary though because you will receive any one of these common responses:

-One word answers (Just end the conversation)

-Complainers (End it gently)

-Reciprocators (Exchange info)

Lesson: If you do not put yourself out there how do you expect the world to succumb to your innate charm?


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