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Another Lady: Pauline or How to stop giving certain women validation or How to fold

So I meet this lady in a corner deli shop.

Who can resist a bacon, egg and cheese? Not this man.

I digress.

I was a bit hungover from the day before and continued to purchase about 10 gatorades.

I saw her in a beautiful floral dress of which I immediately commented on.

She turned around we exchanged words.

She was into me or so I thought.

Later that week we hang out and at the end of the day we kiss and part ways.

Now after all this I expect to hang out with her again.

Well after about the 3rd time (not in succession) of trying to set up a meeting she ignores me.

Here is the problem: I play no games and I say what I mean

But it so happens that as texting pervaded my generation so did the texting games.

What are texting games?

-Waiting hours to text back to pretend your busy

-Over-thinking text messaging to where it becomes a task


Now I be no fool so I ignored her for a while. And out of the blue she texts me.

She must be interested right? wrong. She ended up being colder than ever.


Here are my mistakes:

1. Not cutting the bullshit out as soon as I knew it was bullshit.

2. Taking part in meaningless texting banter

3. And validating this lady by giving her my attention that she would never truly understand.


This isn’t me being bitter this is me letting you know that if a woman is interested in you she will play the right games. I tend to love challenges and thats great but when you become your own enemy…


It is time to fold!


Lesson: Know when to end a chase. My cat knows this.






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