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Men Only: Confidence, Charisma and all that Cha Cha Cha

Okay this confidence article is for the men because

A) Women get way more validation because face it they rule and will always be in demand

B) Guys are getting shit on hardcore nowadays for some odd reason (relative joke)

C) We are a gender in an identity crisis


America told us to be the breadwinners, get a job and then get married.

Now that we are post-recession that American dream has left us (But folks it was a mirage anyways)

But this article is about confidence for men.

Confidence for a man has nothing to do with your socioeconomic status, your education, your amount of lovers or any other bullshit that commercials make you feel you need.


Confidence is based on knowing that you are calm under any circumstance. It is knowing that if shit goes down you are the man people look to. Now it should never be that extreme but as a man carrying yourself in that matter makes you uber special.


It is easy to be confident when everything is going great but when you are tested like a public school student true confidence will always emerge victorious.


I can tell you to join clubs, volunteer organizations, get sent overseas to fight a war or all of that good stuff but

truly confidence is always within.


Hold your head up high.


People only perceive you as you present yourself.


Lesson: Walk like a prince, talk like a prince and by golly you are a prince!


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