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Inside the mind of a Veteran or Post War Blues

This post is kinda serious. I thought that since we have so many veterans coming back from multiple wars I would give you a glimpse in the mind.

I talked to my friend a former Marine who I respect. Here is what he said:

“I used to be important. I was responsible for the welfare of people who depended on a force for protection.

Politics and public opinion mattered not. I just know when I saw a leveled town and a kid with a huge scar from an explosion or people just blowing up it was more than I could ever imagine was possible for humans to do.

Having been to war I can say it is something horrible and something beautiful. When I came back they gave me a GI Bill to go to school. I thought is this the ticker tape homecoming for me? Of course that to is bullshit.

War is war and I went for the sake of finding out what it meant.

Well now being a bit older than the college kids I do not know how to really make friends but I do know that life is good.

The war is where the true heroes die and the rest of us come back to life in America.

Don’t tell me thanks. Please don’t tell me thanks. 

Just share ideas with me and do not look at me as a veteran.

It was a stepping stone to new thought.

Post war blues don’t get to me I won’t let it because I was a Marine and a good man”


Powerful stuff


Lesson: Let no one thing define who you are.


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