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A 2nd Go At The Avengers or how to nerd out and be proud nerdism #1

I hate following crowds but when they are right they are right.

THE AVENGERS kicks so much ass!

I plan to watch it again today with some female company. Ooo fancy.

Maybe there will not be much watching except for the fact I have to pay a lot for a ticket.

So how can you nerd out and still be cool (and not a hipster)

Here it is:

1. Do not proclaim yourself a nerd

2. Do share your thoughts on nerdy topics but do not spew to much.

3. Wear what makes you feel comfortable despite the crap they peddle to us daily.

4. Find like minded people to share your nerdy passions. 7 Billion people a couple are bound to enjoy what you enjoy.

Lesson: (1) You are a nerd

(2) Every nerd is cool

(3) Therefore you are a nerd and cool


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