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A word on Jealousy or how not to compare yourself to anyone

Here is the story:

My best friend had trouble with women. Specifically he was paralyzed when it came to initial conversations. After talking to him and being out in the world he learns how to get passed this. And now I barely see the guy.

I was supposed to be happy for him but for an odd reason I felt a tad bit sour.

Why? this was my best friend and now he finally achieved a sustainable amount of success in his dating life.

But I realized nothing was his fault it was just my inner insecurities that proved fatal.

I questioned why I wasn’t 6 feet tall with blue eyes and it tore me up for a while.

When we would talk to women I would see them look at him as though I were an invisible brown boy and it is because of those insecurities that made me utterly unattractive.

(Part of the reason is that I was raised to believe that being Caucasian was to be beautiful, heavy shit huh lol)

But after analyzing myself I realized I could not change myself physically.

The only control I had was that of my own mind.

It is absolutely pointless to compare yourself to another being but in America it is hard to do.

We tend to put more emphasis on people who occupy the top tier of the socioeconomic rung.

No one really takes into account what kind of character and personality someone has.

Now that I can gather the facts the jealousy has faded but never do I want to be a man that constantly obsesses over comparisons to other men.

If you are living, breathing, thinking or moving you are indeed one of the lucky ones.

Jealousy is okay but shitting on yourself for things outta your control is not healthy.


Lesson: Your you if that is not enough for everyone no worries just enjoy the some who know.


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