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Appreciation of a Female form or How to Make a woman feel sexy

Now sex, fucking or lovemaking is a two way street. But I believe to give is always better to receive.

(Except during Christmas when cousin cheap ass just gives you a card no money!)

The female form has intrigued and perplexed many men and woman alike.

Now this day and age has a standard of beauty that are fed to us the masses but


It is no wonder why many people have such bad body images.

We kinda want to be closer to a lie as possible but why? (Conditioning maybe)

Anyhow it is very simple to make a woman feel absolutely great take a look:

1. Learn to give a great massage and take your time with it. It is very easy to make it sensual and special.

2. If she has a great ass, a perfect pair of boobs, or anything else your sick self finds sexy let her know. Not only do you let her know but let her know that no other woman can even come close to that.

3. Send her a text out of the blue letting her know that you had a thought about how beautiful she would look on a beach being kissed by the sun. Use this sparsely as to much can take the magic right out of the whole thing.

4. Be creative here your aim is to not make her feel important but let her know that she is. Noticing the smallest details is what make all the difference.


Lesson: Appreciation does not mean obsession it simply means letting her know that she is special and you know exactly what she wants. Her form is your art.


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