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Practice Indifference or How to be bulletproof when it comes to rejection (NYC EDITION)

I did it the hard way. Approaching and approaching and approaching women (Or anyone I found interesting).

I have had more rejections than you could ever imagine.

Things like “Not interested”, “It was nice meeting you bye”, and the worst one yet ”    ” (Yup dead silence).

In the beginning I was shattered but after a while I realized it was starting to not affect me like it used to.

I just kept going on my daily affairs and kept my infamous smile on.

I was on my way to becoming bulletproof in a city that destroys your self worth on a daily basis.

I learned how to practice indifference.

According to indifference is, “lack of interest or concern”.

Now there are times when indifference is absolutely unnecessary like when someone in your neighborhood needs medical attention. Imagine being indifferent to that you’d be a cold hearted bastard! (Sean Connery Accent)

What indifference simply refers to is not really caring about the outcome to any interaction you have with a stranger or someone you are introduced to.

Keeping it casual and being indifferent to what somebody else feels about you in the beginning is the key.

Here is how it is done:

1. The person will either like you or not like you. Why worry about this? You can only provide yourself and if they do not dig it many others will.

2. Approach people not with the aim of making a date, a friend or anything else. Approach people just for the sake of a possibility of a good verbal exchange.

3. Do not be paralyzed by rejection. Some people just get off (especially in NYC) by rejecting people. What you have in your possession is the amount of power you are willing to give to their doling of rejection.


Lesson: Practice being indifferent when the time calls for it you will indeed feel emotionally bulletproof.



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