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Another Lady: Eve or How To Stay Goofy and Awkward and still impress

Eve was sitting on a train with headphones in. But nothing could stop me from being

enthralled with her.

There was something about her eyes and demeanor that just said talk to me please.

She had full warm lips that I knew I wanted to kiss someday.

I never have a problem talking to most women but there are unique ones which always seem to leave me speechless a bit.

I was not paralyzed though and proceeded to sit next to her and initiate a conversation.

We exchanged words but for a moment I felt like her putting back her headphones and tuning me out would be my reality but

It did not happen and I made my way back to life with the number of a woman that genuinely is interesting to me.

I set up something for the week but I still feel like this is a good way to move into a lesson.

This one is basically embracing your goofy side and not willing to compromise for the sake of looking cool.

If a woman digs ya she digs ya!

Your jokes can suck like a mosquito and she will still laugh.


Because she thinks your awesome. With that being said I try not to question a woman’s feelings.

Now wish me luck with Eve.


Lesson: We all are awkward, goofy and weird. You will be surprised to find that she loves it.


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