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fuck swag

Okay I have not posted in a while. For good reason to. I have been able to live my life on excellent terms.

I am broke, no job , and a veteran.

You would think it was a sad story but it isn’t.

The only reason is because I finally figured out that who I am is a work in progress.

I see things differently than I did before and after the war.

Pessimism is replaced by optimism. Optimism ends up being shitty too and I become a realist.

And suddenly all these traits clash and make an imperfect man.

A man with flaws, insecurities, confidence, volatility, humility and everything else.

The best thing about getting older despite what images of “perfection” we are bombarded with is that

every year I feel more and more happy.

Knowledge truly is what sets us humans apart from any species in human existence.

You are reading this and do not even realize that to accomplish this task you are light years ahead of lost generations.

My grandma was illiterate. But she learned as hard as it was to read. Although I can never see her breaking down

some academic textbooks she still had the will to learn.

If this post is random its because I am.

What is even weirder is that

You are just like me

and its just fine.

Lesson: No Lesson 


3 responses to “fuck swag

  1. I love how honest you are in your writing!

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