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yeah yeah yeahs

So I finally get the nerve to text a lady I like the way it should be.

Exactly what I feel.

I said fuck that waiting 20min-3 hours shit, fuck waiting for our sun to become a supernova or any other


Because check this out, I realize if she likes you, she likes you and unless you write her some crazy shit it does not matter.

Scratch that I wrote to her exactly what my intentions were.

There was no reason for beating around bushes.

I want to grab her close, whisper dirty things in her ear and make her horny.

I felt no need to woo.

And you know what.

She understood what Shakespeare understood:

This above all: To thy ownself be true.

Lesson: Seriously if you didn’t get it stop reading my post hahaha

Oh and she reminds me of the beautiful singer in the Yeah Yeah Yeahs



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