holy shit check this link out to a fellow wordpresser who rocks my socks off!!!


I do not like bullshit

I do enjoy her blog

Therefore you need to check it out

Lesson: Being in the middle makes you balanced and cool <—wtf is cool who knows! she is that much I can say.


hotel sex

so I never had hotel sex.

Ahem, it was spectacular.

There is something about doing things “your not supposed to do”

that seems to be the best sex ever (thus far I ain’t dead yet).

It was a beautiful hotel in the state, the Chinese restaurant across the street was bangin’ (very above average),

and I got to walk an old rail road line.


Oh and if your wondering why I remain anonymous and faceless its because I like it that way.

Trust me when I actually put 80% effort in this thing we humans call life,

I will have a bad ass logo for Cereal Box Blues


*If someone wants to make a cool one and give it to me I can promise no money (I am broke hahaha seriously) but I

can def write a beautiful post about you*


Lesson: Hotel sex is a go (Make sure it is a good hotel with a person you enjoy spending time with)

Doritos Tacos Wow!

So I had those doritos tacos and let me tell you this:

They rock!

It was not what I was expecting. For I thought it would be encased in a shell that harkens to the delicious crunchiness of doritos chips.

But it was a taco shell with the flavoring of a doritos chip.

It was delicious. And when you decide not to cook grab a couple.


Lesson: You can never go wrong with Doritos.