damn music never felt so good to me

It seriously soothes some inner pain and it is funny I share with you all

even though in real life I would never talk to any of you.

Now let me clarify I would speak to you (because most of ye bastards are cool) but I find that

I no longer want to spend time putting myself out there anymore.

Besides the fluff talk (And you know I feel not much for that).

All I guess I mean is that sometimes I find more meaning in the meaningless or just the

waves of synthesized music that speaks to something I cannot possibly be aware of in this moment.

Well I need to smoke

See you soon or never

But we have something now


Vamp Life

Go on Youtube look up this shit: Ryeland “Come Now”

Before you do that make sure your slightly altered (If you were just born on another level don’t worry the music is trippy).

Listen to it and try not to dance like a beautiful maniac.

I dare you 🙂


By the way the Vamp Life is something I just stumbled on to which I will explain someday.

Stay tuned folks my downward spiral has just begun.