trying to find a job as a marine veteran

holy shit I am writing a resume right now.

How the fuck does one write a resume when the experience is hey I was taught

to kill a man if the situation presents itself hahaha 🙂

I know you probably think I am a mad man.

But imagine going from being overseas helping beautiful and intelligent children.

Changing a country being there for the people and then WAM

a couple years later you are in America full time expected to just transition to “Normal Society”

That shit is pretty stressful.

There is no ticker tape parade or any of that stuff but do not think I am bitter.

For goodness sakes I am enrolled in an Ivy League school.

A little skinny schmuck from Queens barely passing school, joined the Marine Corps Infantry,

did a couple tours (Gosh I wish they were like rock star tours lol), and

WAM back into an institution!

But I digress I will just play Zombie for a bit and make some money.

Let us see if I succumb to my American programming and give up on my dreams.


Enjoy your day

Good Tidings



forget hinges stay on the fringes is what Dr. Seuss would say

there are a couple things that get to me in this city (NY)

1. People who think they are old.

2. People who love fluff talk (I.E- School, work or anything that aggravates the senses)

3. People who do not dream anymore.

It irks me to think that people my age and slightly above consider themselves old. Shit if you do not think for one second that Old John Wrinkle Dick wouldn’t trade places with you so he can get his fuck on you are an intense dumbass. 🙂 I mean why do we fear aging and not embrace it in American culture?

We are meant to grow old and beautiful.

But shit why talk about deeper issues when somebody always wants to touch on the superficial shit in life.

Have you ever found yourself listening to someone and zoning the fuck out because the conversation is always about the same dumb shit.

You know you do not give a fuck what I plan to do with a college degree.

So please just ask me if I enjoy light bondage or some shit LMAO

Lastly something that depresses me to the utmost is people who forget to dream.

People here get wrapped up in school, work, their business, kids, who the fuck knows.

They become their professions, their responsibilities and all that fun shit.

But if they only knew that dreams can never be tarnished by others they would smile more.

We all wear masks but when we dream the masks we wear are truly different sides of us

as we walk through the door with no hinges to

sit atop the wall of the fringes.


Another Lady: Eve or How To Stay Goofy and Awkward and still impress

Eve was sitting on a train with headphones in. But nothing could stop me from being

enthralled with her.

There was something about her eyes and demeanor that just said talk to me please.

She had full warm lips that I knew I wanted to kiss someday.

I never have a problem talking to most women but there are unique ones which always seem to leave me speechless a bit.

I was not paralyzed though and proceeded to sit next to her and initiate a conversation.

We exchanged words but for a moment I felt like her putting back her headphones and tuning me out would be my reality but

It did not happen and I made my way back to life with the number of a woman that genuinely is interesting to me.

I set up something for the week but I still feel like this is a good way to move into a lesson.

This one is basically embracing your goofy side and not willing to compromise for the sake of looking cool.

If a woman digs ya she digs ya!

Your jokes can suck like a mosquito and she will still laugh.


Because she thinks your awesome. With that being said I try not to question a woman’s feelings.

Now wish me luck with Eve.


Lesson: We all are awkward, goofy and weird. You will be surprised to find that she loves it.

Another Lady: Pauline or How to stop giving certain women validation or How to fold

So I meet this lady in a corner deli shop.

Who can resist a bacon, egg and cheese? Not this man.

I digress.

I was a bit hungover from the day before and continued to purchase about 10 gatorades.

I saw her in a beautiful floral dress of which I immediately commented on.

She turned around we exchanged words.

She was into me or so I thought.

Later that week we hang out and at the end of the day we kiss and part ways.

Now after all this I expect to hang out with her again.

Well after about the 3rd time (not in succession) of trying to set up a meeting she ignores me.

Here is the problem: I play no games and I say what I mean

But it so happens that as texting pervaded my generation so did the texting games.

What are texting games?

-Waiting hours to text back to pretend your busy

-Over-thinking text messaging to where it becomes a task


Now I be no fool so I ignored her for a while. And out of the blue she texts me.

She must be interested right? wrong. She ended up being colder than ever.


Here are my mistakes:

1. Not cutting the bullshit out as soon as I knew it was bullshit.

2. Taking part in meaningless texting banter

3. And validating this lady by giving her my attention that she would never truly understand.


This isn’t me being bitter this is me letting you know that if a woman is interested in you she will play the right games. I tend to love challenges and thats great but when you become your own enemy…


It is time to fold!


Lesson: Know when to end a chase. My cat knows this.





The Art of Texting or How to text a Woman the right way!

What could it be about texting that is just so darn frustrating?Maybe the lack of true emotions or just the fact that it does no one justice.I have lost many women and friends do to the absurdities of this texting fiend and not understanding how to do it right.

here are some tips to text a woman right:


1. Do not text for the sheer purpose of texting. For instance saying How are you? is just plain boring and something she may frequently get.

2.Do not be afraid to be bold and text something different. Playing it safe sometimes is just plain boring.

3.Keep the texting to a minimal. This can be hard when you feel as though you must keep it going. But texting is not Newtonian Physics. 

4.Do not make everything you write witty because somehow they will feel as though you are just seeking their approval.

5.Put your phone away and live your life. Seriously this will ensure that women will text back. It is as though they know you are becoming a better person.


Lesson: Text the way you wish but be oh so mindful of the consequences or rewards.