Vamp Life

Go on Youtube look up this shit: Ryeland “Come Now”

Before you do that make sure your slightly altered (If you were just born on another level don’t worry the music is trippy).

Listen to it and try not to dance like a beautiful maniac.

I dare you 🙂


By the way the Vamp Life is something I just stumbled on to which I will explain someday.

Stay tuned folks my downward spiral has just begun.


ASAP Rocky is a drug

Okay being a NY native it was hard to escape rap music. But as I opened up my mind to different

roads of thought I turned my back on rap.

And last year I found this cat named ASAP Rocky. I ain’t the one to blow smoke up asses but

he is so different in a way.

Houston Rap + NY mentality= This guy named Rocky

His fashion game is on point and more so his lyrics although including the typical guns,drugs and

$moolah$ also has some meaning.

He is a high rapper and his trill lifestyle is so chill.

Look him up: ASAP Rocky “Goldie” (His most recent video)

Lesson: Being high is one thing but finding an artist who can transfer that to music is well magic.