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Another Lady: Jodi and Caribbean Dreams or how to enjoy awkward silences

So my vision: Die in the Caribbean surrounded by the most beautiful women in the world.

Until then I have Another Lady story.

This one is about a bright-eyed lady with a contagious laugh.

She was well dressed and met me on what was a super rainy day.

I noticed though that awkward silences left her a bit uneasy.

Awkward silences tend to scare people when conversing with someone they want to get with.

I used to make the mistake of talking and talking and talking not letting the silence do the talking.

There is a musical piece called 4’33’ (4 minutes and 33 seconds) composed by John Cage.

Now the song is left to chance with no distinct notes are pitches. It really is just 4 minutes and 33 seconds of whatever sounds are around the player.


The genius of the piece is that it is a time for the audience to contemplate and look inwards for powerful music.

John Cage was a man who knew what the power of silence meant.

Here is why you should embrace awkward silences:

1. It will give you time to come up with some interesting conversation.

2. You can stare at the object of your desire and let them melt.

3. For goodness sakes give that mouth a rest you may need it later. Ooo


Lesson: Embrace silence all the while gathering your next verbal thought.



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